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Welcome! (12-28-2019)

The Staff Alumni Association was created in 2001 in order to offer a network of past and present camp staff in an effort to preserve the connection between staff alumni and the Wisconsin Lions Camp. It is an experience that we all share. Staff alumni believe in the vision of enriching children's lives by guiding them through a quality camp experience that changes lives.


  1. To assist the Camp Director and other full time staff in camp promotion and recruitment efforts. This includes recruitment of potential summer staff, potential campers and potential supporters of Camp.

  2. To maintain the connection between the Wisconsin Lions Camp, staff alumni, and each other through various events, promotions and gatherings throughout the year.
  • President: Dan Kutschera - kutschera@att.net
  • Vice President: Rose Wollbrink - rosewollbrink@yahoo.com
  • Secretary: Sigrid Schoepel - sigridschoepel@gmail.com

Facebook Page:

There is an official Wisconsin Lions Camp Staff Alumni Facebook page. It is a closed Facebook group - you will need to answer two questions in order to be approved to join.

WLF-WLC Staff Alumni Association Activities -

The Staff Alumni Association has multiple activities throughout the year to promote the connection with Lions Camp. In the late summer, they hold the Staff Alumni Association Weekend Retreat. Over the years, 15-20 families have participated sharing in the memories of their counseling days and sharing the magic of camp with their families. Plans are being made to assist camp in promotional efforts to area Lions groups as well as to assist with recruiting efforts. Finally, different activities will be planned to help support the current counselors each summer.