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"[The] email I sent today through the Camp Alum system has raised me over $2000 today. One alum called me on the phone 10 minutes after he received it. He has never given a dime to Echo or to the Y, he lives right here in Evanston and attended Camp in the 60's. He gave me a donation for $500 over the phone. Amazing!! How can I ever express my gratitude for your incredible invention and your dedication to our cause of reconnecting all our alums. Thank you so much." (3/25/2011)

"We made our annual campaign goal of $280,000 with room to spare. Just saying, I couldn't do it without this incredible software. Thank you so much." (6/23/2016)

Katie Tucker Trippi
Alumni & Development Director
YMCA Camp Echo

Looking for an on-line presence and assistance in helping you get in touch with your alumni/ae? is designed to serve as an on-line resource for getting camps back in touch with alums and alumni/ae back in touch with each other. Specifically, any camp with access to e-mail can receive information from interested alumni through the use of this site's standard or customized on-line Alumni Forms. This allows camps without a web site (but with e-mail) to still have an on-line mechanism for alumni to contact camp, and it also allows camps which have web sites without forms-processing capabilities to provide a link to this site for alumni information forms processing. Your camp's brochures and other informational materials can include a customized web site address as the site to visit if alumni want to submit and request information on-line - for example: YMCA Camp Echo Alumni

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